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Baby Ankees, single and boxed
Colors Available:
Jett White, Go Green, Bunny Beige, Bubble Gum Pink and Baby Blue Boo.
Sizes Available:
Preemie, Small, Medium and Large
NEW Soother Caddy's
Bunny Boo, Sports Fun, Pink Flower, Prince Bear, Sherriff Badge, Monster and Chickie.
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Innovative Mommas Inc. is an Edmonton Alberta Canada based company and is the brainchild of Janet Deane formed from her creativity - she see's a problem and creates a solution.  One of Janet's first products was the "Baby Ankee" - which is trademarked by the company. The Original Baby Ankees are a soft seamless band that slides on easily overtop of the baby or toddlers foot, and then rests comfortably on the ankle. Babies and toddlers can move around safely and comfortably! Baby Ankees can be used during the “in-between” stage when a child is wearing a sleeper that is to large in size. By keeping your babies feet in the footed area securely and comfortably, the sleeper will fit properly until your babies next growth spurt! Baby Ankees are also great for Premature Babies (3lbs and up). While babies  born premature must wear premature clothing, the ankees can make dressing your baby easier and less expensive by using a little larger sized sleeper and allow for growth.The Original Baby ankees can also be used to keep booties, long pants from getting stuck under your toddlers feet, and they help to keep socks from falling off! There is nothing on the market like this product! You should never use an elastic band or hair elastics on your child's ankles. The Baby Ankees follow all the guidelines by Health Canada and your child can sleep with the Baby Ankees on because they have the completed a flammability test. You will want to own more than one pair! This is why we’ve created a 3 Pack! They make a great Baby Shower Gift! Janet is a advocate for children - for their rights and safety. Stay connected here to get some thought provocative blog posts from Janet and for more innovative baby products.
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